Apr 25, 2012

Getting Started

Well, here I am!  About to lay it all out on the virtual line for the whole world to see...well as much of the world that will find this & read it I guess!  I'm typically a PPP (pretty private person) in this world of acronyms.

So why change that?

Simple, but not so simple answer perhaps.  Over the last few years I've been emerging I guess you could say!  Coming out of that proverbial shell.  This is one of those next steps for me; to journal some of my progress.  I'm hoping that it will not only stimulate & motivate me to reach my goals, but perhaps share some advice & learnings with you!

Being the mother of 2 children so far apart in age, with no one in between is a fairly unique (at least I think, and I know not completely uncommon) family situation.  There are lots of next steps here that might be worth talking about!  And while babies/kiddies themselves haven't really changed, the world around them certainly has.  I really feel like I am completely starting over in more ways than one!

My running journey has been slow (IMO anyway), but progress has been made.  The ultimate step will be to complete the much dreamed about 42.2 km race known as the marathon.  There are many steps between now & then that's for sure!  I hope to be able to complete them all & perhaps motivate & inspire along the way.

So let's get started!  Join me as I take my next steps, wherever they may lead!

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