Jun 13, 2012

30k Training - Week 1 Recap

Well week #1 of heart rate training for my 30km Midsummer Night's Run is behind me.  Thank goodness!
Actually, it went better than I expected really.  I haven't run with a HRM in a long time.  I go out, I run.  I typically run as fast as I can as long as I don't talk myself out of a fast paced run (which happens quite frequently!).

Here's my training week in review:

Day 1 - Monday - Boot camp.
This turned out to be a rest day as I had a prior commitment & couldn't make it to boot camp.  My older daughter returned from Europe (yay!!) and I had to pick her up at the airport.  A good excuse I think!

Day 2 - Tuesday - 3x10 mins @THR.
This run involved a 10 minute warm up & cool down targeting 60-70% HR and in between 3 10 minute intervals at 80-85% HR (with a 1:30 rest in between each). 
Hubby was late getting home from work and I was determined to run.  So L. got packed into her stroller with books, toys & snacks and off we went.
Holy crap!!
I think it is next to impossible (for me anyway) to run pushing a stroller with a 30lb toddler plus assorted paraphernalia and keep your heart rate less than 70% of max!!  The same can be said for keeping it under 85%.  This was a tough run for me.  My average heart rate for the entire run was about 87%.  Not quite where it needed to be.
Very slow run in my normal running terms - 7.22 kms in 54:34 minutes.
I blame it on bringing the kid!

Day 3 - Wednesday - 40 mins EASY.
An easy run means being able to run at a conversational pace.  In HR terms  we're talking between 60-70%.
Once again L. joined me on this run.  
My average heart rate for the run was about 76%.  There was a lot of walking involved.  There is no way I can run up hills with her in the stroller and keep my HR that low! 
Another very slow run (but that is the goal for this type of run) - 3.73 kms in 30:02 minutes.
For fun after the run I threw in some strength training (to make up for that missed boot camp) - squats, sit ups, push ups & kettle bell swings.  About 25 minutes worth.

Day 4 - Thursday - 5x3mins @10k pace.
A 15 minute warm up & cool down at the dreaded 60-70% pace. 5 intervals of 3 minute each at what this plan calls "10k pace" or 88-92% THR.
Apparently, this is not my 10k pace!  It was hard to get my HR up to this level and then run at that consistent pace.  Three minutes doesn't seem that long, but holy cow!  It's never ending! 
This run went better and I was flying solo finally.  My average HR was about 85% and I was able to achieve the 10k pace for a good length of time.  Hopefully this gets easier!
Total distance was 6.26 kms in 48:53 minutes.

Day 5 - Friday - Rest Day

Day 6 - Saturday - 3x10 mins @THR.
A repeat of Tuesday, minus L. & the stroller.
What I blamed on bringing the kid was apparently not her fault.  I only did slightly better without her!
I made sure to do this run early morning as it was supposed to be a hot day.  Can you say torrential downpour?  That's what happened. I got caught in a lovely storm, but I kept on going.  I'm determined.  I only have 11 weeks to get ready for this very long run!
I felt pretty good after this one, less frustrated.
Total distance 7.24 kms in 54:30 minutes.

Day 7 - Sunday - Long Run 150 mins
That's 2 and one half hours!
I'm thinking "Oh crap! I've never run for that length of time".
Then I look at the rest of the info.  THR is between 65-75%.  What???  That's ridiculous.
I started this one about 7:30am because it was going to be a scorcher.  It was 15 degrees Celsius when I left the house & 21 degrees when I finished.  Bright burning sunshine all the way.
While this was tough to keep my HR at the proper level this was the most enjoyable run I had all week.  It was very controlled.  The time zipped by. When I finished I didn't feel like I had run for 2 1/2 hours. The last hour was very tough to keep in the zone and my average HR ended up around 80%.
Total distance 17.78km in 2hours 30minutes.

To summarize, heart rate training is hard. Period.  I knew it would be.  It is going to take all my patience and then some to complete the 11 weeks.  I'm determined to do it.  Hopefully I still think that way a couple of weeks from now!

Total stats for the week:
Distance - 42.24km
Time - 5:38:01
Average pace - 8.0min/km

Overall not bad.  Some definite room for improvement.

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