Jun 26, 2012

30k Training - Week 3 Recap

Week #3 is the training week that barely happened!
Here's my training week in review:

Day 1 - Monday - Boot camp.
This was the best part of the week.  Really!  It was my last boot camp session and it was a good one!  Lots of different activity.  An hour of crab walking, skipping, sit ups, weighted squats, world jumps and kettle bell swings.  Woohoo!  
I was actually sad it was over.  BUT....I do have the option of returning any Monday night I choose to, so that is good news!

Day 2 - Tuesday -  3 x 10mins @THR.
A 10 minute warm up & cool down targeting 60-70% HR and in between 3 10 minute intervals at 80-85% HR (with a 1:30 rest in between each). 
38 degrees in the shade with 100% humidity.  OMG! This was a tough run.  And to top it off I did it while pushing L in the stroller.  Really?  Could hubby ever come home on time??!!
I felt great that I was able to get this done, but had to dig deep to finish.  My average HR was 81% as it stayed at just above the top end of the range for each interval.

Run stats - 5.81kms in 52:25 minutes.

Day 3 - Wednesday - Cross Training.
This was supposed to be a cross training day.  Unfortunately, I did absolutely nothing in the form of exercise besides swim in the pool.  It was dreadfully hot again and I didn't do any activity. Instead I invited L's babysitter and her family over for a swim & BBQ after work. No activity. I could have.  I should have.  I didn't.

Run stats - 0 kms.

Day 4 - Thursday - 40 mins EASY.
Today was pack & travel day.  No time to fit the run in.  We were leaving to visit my dad for the weekend who lives 6 hours away.  By the time we are all packed up & ready to go it was 9pm.  Arrived around 3am, got to bed around 3:30am.

Run stats - 0 kms.

Day 5 - Friday -  6x1k @10k pace .
My least favorite run so far, but I know this will get better!
Unfortunately after only 4 hours of sleep this wasn't happening for me.  I did the 15 minute warm up and the first interval before stopping.  I then decided just to finish off with a 20 minute run.  The other problem with this run (and yes it does sound like I'm making excuses) was the road conditions.  My dad lives at the end of a deserted, lonely, gravel country road.  I have never seen so much dust.  There were several vehicles that drove down on the way to their cottages and I literally had to stop & turn my back so as not to choke on the dust.  I know that conditions can't always be perfect but this was just nasty!
Total distance was 6.74 kms in 43:58 minutes.

Day 6 - Saturday - REST DAY.
The reason we were at my Dad's was for a family wedding.  My young cousin was married to her high school sweetheart.  A lovely celebration. Yes, a celebration. I may have participated a little too much! It was a late night, early morning kind of situation!  All in good fun.

Day 7 - Sunday - Long Run 165 mins
See above.  Too much celebrating. This run did not happen.  We also headed home on Sunday as well.  A drive that turned into 8 hours with all the weekend cottage traffic.  Ugh!

Run stats - 0 kms.

Total stats for the week:
Distance - 13.49 km 
Time - 1:36:26 
Average pace - 7.09min/km

This wasn't a very successful week on the training front.  I am a little concerned about the next few weeks as I have vacation coming up & lots of work to do before I go as well as preparation for 2 weeks of camping to finish!  Hopefully I'll be able to get in the majority of my runs, but most especially the long weekend runs.

I CAN make it happen!!

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