Aug 10, 2012

The race that never was....(or 30k training recap)

Time to admit it, say it out loud, write it down, whatever.

I will not be participating in the 30K Midsummer Night's Run next weekend.

Whew! There. I've said it. I've been dreading this moment.
During week 5 of training while on vacation I undertook a 21km training run and apparently did some serious damage to my left leg. Glutes! Hammies! Who needs 'em? Yeah, they tend to come in handy in the whole motorization of your body thing. I killed mine. Ugh.

But enough with the "woe is me". I've sought out some therapy (the physical kind, come on now!!) and will just need to wait a bit longer to participate in a longer distance race. Better to sit this one out than to further injure myself. I still have my sights set on the 25k trail run at the end of September. Hopefully my body will be healed by then & I will be able to get a good training regime going.

Here's to good training, persistence & perhaps a bit of luck (!) to help me get to the next finish line!!

1 comment:

  1. Sorry this race didn't work out. But you are wise to cut back. I really hurt my right glute/hamstring training for a marathon a few years ago and it NEVER has been right. You are very smart. There are many more races.