Jul 3, 2012

Training update

Taking a much needed 2 week vacation! Recaps for week 4,5 and 6 will be posted when I return. I am currently enjoying myself at Killbear Provincial Park on the shores of Georgian Bay. Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery and beautiful family time! Definitely trying to get my running in but my schedule will need to be tweaked to accommodate for needs on the trip. Follow me on twitter as I'll try to post updates there. I'm in an area with sporadic cell service so I'm at the mercy of powers beyond my control!! Twitter handle is journeyto42. Updates soon!!

1 comment:

  1. Enjoy your time off Paula. Just started following your blog. Glad to see you blog regularily here too. I also just started a separate blog from my WW one. http://lessofmemoretolife.blogspot.ca